Organizational Change Management


What Does This Solution Do?

Desai’s solution for Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a collection of industry-standard methods for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure, or cultural changes, resulting in successful and lasting adoption of changes.

Desai’s experienced team applies the appropriate solution elements throughout the business, in partnership with the customer. 

Attention is given to the fundamental areas of risk, with emphasis on the following focus areas:

  • Planning for Change: Using industry-standard methods, planning begins with stakeholder identification and mapping to all of the projected aspects of change, identifying respective project roles and responsibilities, and ensuring appropriate executive engagement for guidance and decision-making, along with planned communications about change from a project and any expected impacts on business products and services.
  • Readiness for Change (assessment): Desai’s use of maturity models and best practices helps the customer understand gaps and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before large-scale change can occur successfully. Desai’s team and customer teams measure aspects such as business-sponsor commitment to change, end-user engagement in change, potential impacts to training plans and collateral, and measures for business readiness.
  • Managing and Tracking Change Adoption: Once a change has occurred, Desai’s OCM solution helps increase awareness of the results. Key performance indicators with instrumentation and outputs are established for areas affected by change, including indicators for how well the customer’s business is absorbing the change. Desai and the customer partner to gather and communicate feedback and transform it into lessons learned, as input to continuous improvement.

What Deliverables Are Produced For The Customer?

Sample deliverables from a large-scale deployment of Desai’s Organizational Change Management solution can include:

  • Planning for Change
    • Business drivers and need for change
    • Scope and nature of change(s) expected
    • Risk, complexity, and benefit from change
    • Stakeholders and other affected parties
    • Implementation and communication plans
  • Readiness for Change
    • Sponsorship commitment to change
    • User engagement in change
    • Organization sensitivity to change
    • Communication and training plans
  • Managing and Tracking Change Adoption
    • Instrumentation and metrics for key performance indicators
    • Business absorption efficiency and effectiveness
    • Project sponsor performance scorecard
    • Post-implementation review questionnaire
    • Feedback, lessons learned, and plans for continuous improvement

What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

Desai’s OCM solution acknowledges the reality that any business change introduces or increases risk. This risk cannot be eliminated, but our solution benefits customers by helping manage the important contributors to risk:


  • Reducing the duration of any performance disruption that results from change – by helping customers identify the impact areas for a proposed change and engage the associated stakeholders, with an emphasis on communicating the plans for change.
  • Limiting the severity or depth of disruptions from change - by assessing the customer organization’s readiness for the change and ensuring that proper maturity exists for resilience in people, processes, and tools and that action plans are in place for any gaps identified.
  • Improving the rate of recovery from any disruption – by understanding and applying best practices for business process management in the affected areas and identifying key performance indicators to ensure early and constant awareness of outcomes.
  • Sustaining the recovery from any disruption – through rigorous post mortem analysis and lessons learned identification, customers can learn what worked and what didn’t and deploy methods for continuous improvement.

Desai’s flexible solution and experienced team help customers successfully embrace change. Doing so opens the door on business transformation, removing fear of the unknown, and ensuring that the results of change are lasting. Let’s get to work.

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