Management and Leadership Training


What Does This Solution Do?

Desai’s Management and Leadership Training (MLT) solution focuses on the delivery of education and training that supports Desai solutions and covers the spectrum from staff technical needs to leadership advancement and executive effectiveness, resulting in long-term professional growth of customer staff.

The Desai team brings a validated and highly structured approach to training. Desai’s team begins with a thorough assessment of the customer’s individual needs and goals and then works in partnership with the customer to create a training and development plan that will get the customer to their goals, individually and collectively. 


Every training interaction is unique to the customer’s situation, thus Desai’s team approaches training by following a leadership development framework to build a balanced development plan for each customer. This framework outlines the four key areas leaders and staff needs to focus on to be successful:

  • Developing self 
  • Developing others 
  • Improving work processes 
  • Leading the business environment

Once the need for training is established and the Desai team is engaged, a three-stage process is followed:

Assessment: Desai’s MLT solution uses a variety of validated assessment and diagnostic tools to determine the current skill level or effectiveness in the area that will be targeted for professional growth. This will involve assessment by both the Desai team and the individuals, as needed.

Implementation: Once the data has been gathered, a Desai team member provides feedback and begins to work with the customer to develop and implement a training plan.

Follow-up: Upon completion, the Desai team member and customer will together evaluate the success of the training plan and determine other areas (if any) to be addressed in the future.

Every training arrangement includes the main elements described above–assessment, implementation, follow-up. However, all training engagements can be highly customized to best support the senior staff and executives’ schedules, learning styles, and performance goals.

What Deliverables Are Produced For The Customer?

Desai’s MLT solution and team work with customers to utilize some or all of the contents of the leadership development framework, based on need, opportunity,2 and business driving factors, such as career transition.


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What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

Desai’s approach to coaching helps customers acquire the specific skills needed for personal and professional success. Executive coaching shortens the learning curve as staff take on new roles within the organization or as external market pressures require new and innovative ways of doing business. Coaching is about change. Desai’s role is to help the customer executive realize lasting and positive change. The Desai team will help customers to:

  • Increase leadership effectiveness
  • Resolve individual and group conflicts
  • Increase job-specific competencies and skills
  • Resolve complex business problems
  • Achieve results through effective communication
  • Motivate staff to improve performance
  • Design and execute action plans
  • Negotiate win-win solutions

Desai’s MLT solution provides access to all of the necessary subject areas to promote future growth and address any specific needs that exist. Desai’s methods ensure a properly tailored plan and content for each customer, to maximize results and deliver the greatest value to both the business and the individuals. Let’s get to work.

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