Project Management Plan


What Does This Solution Do?

Desai’s Project / Program Management Plan (PMP) solution brings together Desai’s expert team and their collection of formal yet flexible industry-standard methods that define what happens during project or program execution, monitoring and control, and closure.

Desai’s PMP solution provides customers with a turn key capability for Project Management (PM) excellence. Their team is deep in expertise built around PM standard practices for project execution and control, yet also has the experience necessary to know when flexibility is key to success. Desai’s methods scale from a small, stand-alone project to a program of large projects across a customer’s business. 


They are configurable to manage the spectrum from traditional to non-traditional projects. Desai can drive conventional straight-line project execution, or more iterative Agile methods. Their strong emphasis on metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will ensure that customer projects are in control from initiation to closeout. Their solution builds upon the PMI PMBOK five major phases for the life of a project:


What Customer Deliverables Are Produced?

Desai’s PMP solution is anchored by the following customer deliverables, with others defined as appropriate:


What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

To be successful, Desai’s methodology strikes a balance among many factors. It is neither a "quick fix", nor an abstract cookbook for project success. It is also not simply a detailed litany of inflexible steps. Instead, it is a detailed and flexible collection of methods that supports the entire project lifecycle, with sufficient knowledge transfer to deliver sustainable customer capabilities. By working in conjunction with their Framework for Strategy Execution (FSE), Desai’s PMP solution is adaptable to a customer’s specific business factors, such as:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Complexity and size of projects
  • Management’s faith in project management
  • Customer requirements and development budgets

Desai’s team works in conjunction with the customer to adapt the FSE appropriately, reinforcing customer strengths and supplementing weaknesses. The resulting partnership increases the business value of any project, yielding:

  • Improved control over costs, schedules, scope, and risks
  • Flexible adjustment of projects during execution to fit changing customer requirements
  • Capture and use of best practices
  • More accurately predicted results with better status visibility to stakeholders
  • More efficient and timely use of resources

Desai’s approach to project execution via PMP has additional differentiators, because we believe that while success is first measured by the Triple Constraints, there are also other less tangible factors to be considered, such as:

  • Considerations for customer satisfaction
  • Business components, including knowledge transfer and customer skill growth
  • Prioritization of success constraints
  • Secondary factors, such as image and reputation
  • Inclusion of one or more value components
Desai’s PMP solution and supporting team are ready to help with any type of Project Management need you may have. Let’s get to work.

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