Business Diagnostics


What Does This Solution Do?

The Desai solution for Business Diagnostics (BDI) contains methods for business and organizational assessment at stages before, during, and after project execution, and during business operations. These result in ongoing project measures to provide maximum assurance of project and operations success, for both internal and external parties involved.

Desai works closely with customers to ensure that proper controls are in place, especially in large and complex projects, and that they exist throughout the project lifecycle and into operations.



What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

Desai’s Business Diagnostics solution provides value across the complete project and operations lifecycles:

Project Readiness Assessments – at pre-project, that examine team, skills, processes, capabilities, and influencing factors internal and external to the project for adequacy and risk management in the forthcoming project work

Project Reviews - in advance of vendor contract signing to ensure that work required is adequately defined and prospective vendors are capable of completing it

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) - of a project once underway and throughout its execution, to ensure that project deliverables and objectives are met along the way

Lessons Learned - upon project completion, designed to measure the degree to which the project met its stated objectives and deliverables, and can be deemed successful

Operational Assessments – once a project is deployed to operations, assessments can be performed on an ongoing basis, to determine how stable and effective the project results are

What Deliverables Are Produced For The Customer?

Desai's team and the customer team combine to produce:

Project Readiness Assessments – (a) Mapping to industry standard maturity models and best practices for team, skills, processes, and capabilities; (b) risk assessment of internal and external influencing factors;

Project Review – (a) Assessment of completeness and correctness of project requirements vs. industry standard methods; (b) suitability assessment of potential vendors for project implementation, considering prior experience and customers, team, skills, and proposed use of industry standard methods for project execution (e.g. PMP)

Independent Validation and Verification - (a) Proposed project deliverables enforced in industry-standard form and complete vs. project requirements; (b) ongoing inspection of project execution for faithful production of contracted deliverables, adherence to project plan and methods; (c) periodic reporting of inspection results and early warning for oncoming changes, risks, and issues

Lessons Learned - (a) Assessment of completed project deliverable content and timing vs. contracted terms and conditions, highlighting incorrectness or incompletion of functional and/or non-functional requirements and deliverables, as input to customer considerations in contract payment

Operational Assessments – (a) Adequacy of team and skills; (b) completeness of business process definition and performance measures; (c) comparison of operations performance to industry and competitive best practices, through benchmarking; (d) scoring on appropriate maturity model to identify and analyze gaps and construct action plans

Desai’s skilled team and flexible solution content for Business Diagnostics can provide end-to-end project and operations assurance that works tightly with Project Management roles and methods to minimize risks for successful project execution, helps ensure ongoing operational effectiveness, and helps to better manage both internal and especially external resources involved. Let's get to work.

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