Business Process Management


What Does This Solution Do?

Desai’s Business Process Management (BPM) solution consists of methods for formal business-process definition and execution, plus monitoring and control of key performance indicators, resulting in execution of repeatable, scalable, and measurable business processes.

Understanding how to define and manage business processes opens up a customer’s ability to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Desai’s BPM solution brings together years of experience, focused skills, and Desai’s collection of components, principles, and processes. The resulting flexibility ensures that they can address all aspects of the customer's BPM needs, from small to large, simple to complex, and manual/automated processes to software development. 



Desai can partner with customers to help bridge from strategic objectives to execution, identify core processes, and apply appropriate elements of their framework for analysis, to help ensure customer success.


Desai’s deep understanding of organizational change management as a BPM critical success factor ensures that their work products can be successfully implemented within the customer organization. Desai places great emphasis on understanding the customer’s overall business context, from strategy to execution, to properly plan and deliver their solution. This helps Desai define and implement the right key performance indicators and measures of success, so that all business decision-making can be fact-based. Desai’s suite of methods and experienced staff are grounded in IIBA’s BABOK industry standards for BPM, ensuring lasting value and standardization of work products and ease of knowledge transfer to customers.

What Customer Deliverables Are Produced?

Desai’s approach to Business Process Management uses a customer-specific mix of industry-standard practices and flexible methods as appropriate. Your specific project will likely have a unique set of deliverables defined, which may include:

  • Business Process Analysis
    • Future capability needs’ inventory
    • Future process descriptions and definitions
    • Future state (to-be) requirements
    • Core process identification based on Strategy
    • Current state (as-is) discovery and documentation
  • Business Process Modeling
    • Workflow/use case construction
    • Related data-flow diagrams documented and cross-referenced
  • Business Process Skills and Governance
    • Desai course offerings for BPM and BA
    • BPM assessment, measuring:
      • Skills
      • Process
      • Maturity
      • Benchmarking and best practices
      • Gap analysis and action plan
    • BPM governance processes, roles and responsibilities
    • BPM Center of Excellence blueprint and plan
What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

The principle value proposition of BPM is its ability to help organizations process more goods and services with less effort, with higher quality, and at reduced cost. This customer value proposition quickly widens – the more an organization implements BPM, the more strategic benefits it can realize, such as:
  • Increased customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market for products and services
  • Improved business agility and operational accountability, compliance, and regulatory performance
  • Enhanced business intelligence through more effective measurement and performance visibility
  • Continuous improvement through more effective operational and risk management 

Desai’s BPM solution employs methods and tools to enable each of these benefits and more. Likewise, their experience directly addresses many of the pitfalls to avoid in implementing BPM.

Desai’s BPM solution and supporting staff are ready to help with projects from small to enterprise. Let’s get to work.

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