Role-Based Interim CxO


What Does This Solution Do?

Desai’s Role-Based Interim CxO (RIC) solution helps businesses of all sizes and maturities deploy qualified professionals to address business needs, resulting in interim leadership staffing in key areas (such as COO, CIO and CPO). Desai’s team supporting the RIC solution has in-depth experience in a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Education
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

Desai’s RIC solution brings customers experienced multi-disciplinary professionals with technical and relational skills that allow them to function effectively in leadership roles. Desai's team typically works for a customer’s board, top management or investors, to create work plans with numerous focus areas, from short-term development and problem-solving to long-term growth. Using complementary staff in such roles gives customers broad and unique perspectives and understanding on realigning company operations, growing revenue, increasing profits and stakeholder value. Desai’s hands-on collaborative approach with clients provides a solid foundation for lasting knowledge transfer, to ensure continuity of operations when temporary staff hand off to permanent counterparts.

As another aspect of the RIC solution, Desai's team can assume interim management roles as part of revitalization or growth initiatives. Desai brings extended versatility through its team, most of whom have experience gathered in global, multi-national and multi-cultural settings.

What Deliverables Are Produced For The Customer?

The plans that result from Desai’s RIC solution may include some of the following elements, and others, depending upon customer scope and the Desai-provided role (such as COO, CIO, CPO):

  • Business Assessment
    • Operational, organizational and market dimensions
  • Short-Term Tactical Inputs
    • Business stabilization, as required, including Project, Process and Change Management
    • New and updated plans, with refined timetables, milestones and financial projections
    • Proposed operational improvements, tied to industry best practices
    • More focus on customer-centric issues and environment
    • Tailored management mentoring for organizational development
    • Identifying actions tied to incremental revenue and profit plans
  • Long-Term Strategic Inputs
    • Inputs on market and customer segmentation
    • Guidance for product and market planning
    • Inputs on strategic alliances, partnerships, geographic expansion/contraction and acquisitions/divestitures
    • Guidance on IT effectiveness and strategy

What Benefits Does It Provide To Customers?

Desai’s professionals have achieved success across a broad array of industries and positions. Their experience includes leadership in business, technology, information systems and manufacturing, with a focus on strategies, architectures and transformations. They have been involved in helping address a broad spectrum of operational, marketing, sales and organizational projects critical to both early-stage and under-performing companies.

The Desai RIC solution delivers experienced staff capable of participating in value-seeking efforts across the business spectrum, from cost management to revenue growth:


The flexible and adaptable nature of Desai’s RIC solution enables partnerships with customers to provide an exact fit to needs.

Desai’s RIC solution can bring customers value on a broad front, with business- and industry-experienced staff capable of stepping in to augment their leadership team and help assess current issues and appropriate next steps, in both the short- and long-term, and in consideration of the spectrum of business objectives from cost reduction to revenue growth. Let's get to work.

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