Talent Acquisition


What Does This Solution Do?

In the Talent Acquisition (TAC) solution, Desai can help with customer staff augmentation aligned with business needs, through the recruiting of professionals for the short or long term, resulting in local or remote placement in full- or part-time capacity, for project management and business analysis skills.

One of the greatest levers that Desai can bring to a customer is an ability to contribute to their workforce. Whether the customer is looking for temporary staff augmentation or a permanent hire, Desai’s TAC solution consists of processes for identification and preparation of the best possible candidates.



Desai works hard to find and place candidates by focusing on the major challenges in managing human resources, using the best in talent- management practices. Together with customer partners, Desai can help:

  • Define the needed talent
  • Attract a sound pool of applicants
  • Assist in reference/background checks
  • Select the most qualified
  • Get new hires up to speed quickly
  • Determine who’s ready among internal staff for a new job
  • Candidates and staff gain an understanding of their competencies
  • Customers get the most out of employees
  • Customers retain the best employees



What Deliverables Are Produced?

By following a disciplined process, Desai’s team produces consistent results in helping fill customer resource needs for project management and business analyst skills. The steps followed, and general deliverables produced, are below:


What Benefits Does It Provide To The Customer?

Desai provides skilled and experienced project-management and business-analyst staff, proficient in an appropriate set of industry-standard methods that ensure greatest value to the customer. The TAC solution process begins by assessing the customer business to understand the resource and skill gaps that must be filled, to ensure that all aspects of resource management are considered when launching a staff search, as well as evaluating the candidates that result. Desai can propose either contracted or permanent-hire staff, in many configurations, acknowledging parameters such as:

  • Location: Staff can be available to work at the customer’s location or remotely, if reasonable
  • Duration: Staff can be available to augment the customer workforce, adding capacity and skills for short or fixed durations (contracted) or permanently (new hire)

No matter the project complexity, Desai is capable of meeting your Project Manager and Business Analyst needs. Let's get to work.

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