Appreciative Project Management

A New Perspective on Project Management

The David L Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry and Desai Management Consulting are proud to announce the new Appreciative Project Management program. APM reflects the engagement, positive energy and transformative power of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) combined with the framework and results of Project Management (PM). 

The Audience

Project Managers or those who regularly manage projects in their workplace, and want improve the project outcomes by engaging all stakeholders upfront in developing a shared vision and designing the solution.

When / Where

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Alyssa Doyle, email

Champlain College AI Center: 802-865-8457

APM - Stronger Together

Desai Management’s time-tested collection of formal yet flexible industry-standard methods that define what happens during project or program execution, monitoring and control, and closure, is linked with the Cooperrider Center’s  revolutionary methodology built on Appreciative Inquiry (“AI”) and Positive Organizational Development.

AI can increase organizational understanding and sustainable engagement for the projects as it highlights where an organization has been successful, and what is important to preserve in the face of change. Rather than adopt the commonly used “deficit model” which focuses on the failures and shortcomings of the status quo, AI celebrates existing values and capabilities, integrating the new project and/or program into the existing fabric of the organization. This perspective serves to reduce fear of the unknown and resistance to change, allowing projects to proceed with broader internal support, with the potential for faster implementation at lower cost than would be possible with conventional methods.

Appreciative Inquiry Process

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful Organizational Development methodology that provides: 

  • A shift in the paradigm from problem solving to possibility finding - While we are blending theories and practices of both AI and PM practices, this process improves project success through the focus on assets with team collaboration, cooperation and communication.
  • Inclusive solution design - All stakeholders participate in designing creative, resourceful and valued solutions, encouraging engagement and permission for team members to leverage individual skills and strengths and discover possibilities.
  • Producing sustainable and generative results - APM bridges human performance with organizational results to produce continued and measurable outcomes.

Desai Management and the Cooperrider Center saw a natural affinity between the PMBOK project phases and the five Ds of AI (below), and produced an approach utilizing the strengths-based techniques that have proven successful across for‑profit, nonprofit and governmental projects in the U.S. and internationally: Appreciative Project Management.© 

APM Model


What Customer Deliverables Are Produced?

An APM solution is anchored by the following customer deliverables showing both the conventional PMI (blue boxes) and AI phases (dark blue boxes), to illustrate how they complement one another. In practice, APM seamlessly integrates PM and AI phases into a unified whole, without distinguishing between the two. (Italic = Appreciative Inquiry led or newly inspired by activities using an AI approach)

 APM Tablev1


Upcoming Events

Manufacturing Summit - 9/26/2019 To 9/26/2019
Champlain Valley Expo Center – Essex Jct., Vermont

3-Day PMI-PMP Certification Test Prep Boot Camp - 11/6/2019 To 11/8/2019

2-Day PMI-ACP Certification Test Prep Boot Camp - 11/14/2019 To 11/15/2019