Defining the Problem : A Framework for Strategy Execution

Desai Management Consulting has a reputation for delivering value beyond that of simply solving a customer problem. To do this, we approach every customer problem by understanding where it fits in an overall business context. The vehicle for doing this is our Framework for Strategy Execution (FSE).


The FSE is a model of the various elements within a business, and how they relate to each other. By applying the FSE in examining a client problem area, Desai can quickly determine the collateral areas that may be contributing to, or impacted by, the problem at hand. Solutions can then be tailored to account for the interrelationships, to ensure that proper service elements are included. The following is an overview of the FSE, with mapping to the first four Desai service subject areas. This mapping helps identify the pertinent service elements to consider based on the business problem area.

The six business focus areas that make up the FSE are defined as follows:

  • Core: clarify and communicate client’s purpose, heritage and desired future state
  • Surroundings: align strategy with client’s behavior and organization
  • Objectives: define clear goals and measures supporting the strategy
  • Investment: through portfolio management, do the right projects required to carry out the client’s strategy
  • Development: execute projects and programs the right way, in alignment with the client’s portfolio
  • Deployment: move the results of the client’s projects and programs into the mainstream of the client’s operations

For example, a client’s problem may center on an incomplete or inappropriate strategy in place. Knowing from the FSE that the company’s organization and behavior are critical collateral elements to strategy helps Desai craft a focused solution to deliver a complete and lasting problem fix.

Crafting a Solution - The ValueBloxSM Methodology

The ValueBlox methodology is the process by which Desai takes the customer needs as identified using the FSE, and maps them to a specific collection of functional capabilities from across our extensive inventory of services to produce a customer solution. 

Each individual service defines formal methods and deliverables that are incorporated into the overall solution, enabling Desai staff to perform comprehensive, tailored yet highly repeatable work. By not limiting solution contents to a single subject area, we are able to deliver enhanced value to customers. Some examples:

  • Easily tailoring a ‘standard’ Project Management Plan solution to reflect customer work in the software development life cycle, using advanced Agile methodologies.
  • Incorporating the work processes for Organizational Change Management into a Business Process Management engagement, to better ensure that project results are embraced by the customer operations team, and that lasting change is achieved.

The permutations and combinations provide a robust, yet detailed solution capability for customers, one that is not easily duplicated in the professional-services industry. The ValueBlox method provides a means for Desai to capitalize not only on the building-block services, but also on our many years of experience and expertise. The result is a palette of capabilities that Desai staff use to craft a tightly fitting solution for our customers.

Delivering Customer Value

The various elements of the Desai Methodology, and their sequence, help to reliably deliver the greatest possible client value, in three distinct areas:

1) Find and fix the client problem, utilizing the appropriate Desai solution, customized where appropriate, using additional services     UpwardCurve
2) Fix the client problem in the context of their overall business success metrics, through use of the FSE to understand collateral and contributing areas affecting the problem, and applying Desai solutions and services to solve the problem holistically  
3) Position the client for improved efficiency, innovation and growth – within a lasting client relationship, We have the opportunity to solve multiple client problems, again using the FSE to address them on a broader front, with greater client value as a result. Over time, this provides the client with additional, unplanned capacity to devote to further improvements in efficiency and growth in their target markets. It also provides an opportunity to understand the innovations necessary to expand beyond their current markets or products, and pursue growth in whole new business areas. All because their problems were solved efficiently, effectively and holistically.  



The Desai methodology combines the cost-saving benefits of bringing proven, pre-defined solutions to bear on problems common to many organizations across a variety of industries, with the ability to incorporate targeted services that address the unique aspects of the customer’s particular operating environment or business challenge. Balancing a strategic perspective with a bias toward effective action, Desai assists customers in producing actionable plans that increase both efficiency and effectiveness. Desai is ready to apply its arsenal of Services and Solutions to any customer needs. Let’s get to work.

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